What Is the Mouth-Body Connection?

When we think about maintaining health in general, very few of us actually think about oral health as an important factor in this regard. As a matter of fact, many of us think about teeth in the same way as that of nails and hair. And this thinking process doesn’t involve dental health considerations.

Actually, understanding connection between teeth and overall health is not a rocket science. The bacterial infection which can result in cavities can find its way to the heart diseases and brain infections too.

You may have knowhow about the blood-brain barrier which keeps the brain safe from toxins in blood. The same kind of barrier exists between teeth and gums and the rest of the body. Every infection or inflammation in the mouth can result in a little bit of damage to this barrier. When that happens, the disease and dysfunction in the entire body gets triggered.

The mouth-body connection

Each tooth in the mouth is actually covered by a fiber which is responsible to pull and hold the gums in order form a seal around the neck of the teeth. This is the seal which tends to keep the harmful element out of the inner tooth. Hence, if the elements manage to get past that seal, the immune system would have a tough job to prevent the dental structure from such elements.

When there is no infection, the pathway between bacteria and the bloodstream is essentially closed. However, an infection can make way for the bacteria to reach the bloodstream, putting the entire body health at risk.

When an infection lets the outside elements to enter into the bloodstream, it can be seen as the process which involves breaking of your skin and exposing the internal organs to the outside world. In that situation, anything can enter into the body and make a mess of the internal system.

There are different ways a broken seal of gums can allow the bacterial infection to destroy body health.

  • One the bloodstream is exposed to infection, the infection gets access to virtually any part of the body.
  • Bacteria in the blood can turn into the exotoxins which can make the situation of existing injury worse. Sometimes, the infection can make the injury permanent.
  • When bacteria enter into the bloodstream, immune system responds by developing inflammation. But the matter of fact is that this inflammation doesn’t put a fight against strong bacteria. And when bacteria keep entering into the bloodstream, the inflammation can become chronic.

Hence, you need to keep it in mind that maintaining oral health is not always about brushing and flossing. You will need to visit the dentist after every six months to make sure that your dental health remains intact.

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